Avocado is a powerful next-gen superwallet for Web3. Avocado simplifies the web3 experience through advancements in account abstraction. Avocado abstracts gas, aggregates various EVM networks, and provides a smart wallet solution for interacting with current and future blockchains.

Features include:

  • Account abstraction: As a smart contract wallet, Avocado enables advanced features that would not be possible with a "normal" Externally-Owned Account (EOA).
  • Network Abstraction: Avocado is designed for multichain use, making interactions on all supported networks simpler than ever before.
  • Gas abstraction: All transactions on Avocado are paid from your unifed USDC gas tank. Pay all gas fees in USDC using USDC from any network.
  • Truly non-custodial smart wallet with recovery features.

About these docs

The docs here explain the technical background of Avocado and show how to integrate Avocado in dApps. For help regarding using Avocado, please refer to the guides in the help section instead.