Audits & Security

No matter how secure any system is, when it comes to storing billions of funds - it becomes extremely important that the final custody of funds stays with the user.

Avocado is built by the same team which built Instadapp, one of the oldest DeFi protocols with over 4 years of experience in building secure state-of-the-art DeFi systems and several billion dollars in TVL.


Avocado is a truly non-custodial wallet: the owners (signers) are in full control of upgrades and can always directly execute arbitrary actions also by interacting with the user's deployed Avocado contract directly on the respective chain.


Avocado v1.0.0 (legacy):

Avocado v2.0.0 (legacy):

Avocado v1.0.0 Multisig:

Note that in addition to the listed audits, all code has full test coverage and all changes undergo strict internal audits.

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